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Traditional timber & modern Airodeck formwork across the Sunshine Coast

At Kybro Formwork Specialists, we've been constructing formwork on the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years. These temporary structures or moulds are used to hold fluid concrete in a desired shape until it hardens.

The methods used for concrete formwork have continually improved since we started in business and now focus on ensuring efficiency, safety, and environmental issues. The aim is to minimise the time spent on constructing or removing the formwork, which in turn lowers labour costs.

Our team can also create a variety of shapes or construct pre-fabricated items such as stairs or suspended slabs that are later installed. This flexibility allows for greater imagination and experimentation in design.

We offer 4 main types of formwork for your project:
  • Traditional timber
  • System column
  • Alshor plus
  • Airodeck panels

If you're unsure which type is right for your project, we can advise you on which one to choose. Contact us today to get a quote on formworking for your development construction.
men doing formwork — Airodeck Panels in Sunshine Coast, QLD


Traditional Timber

Made from timber or plywood panels, the costs of traditional formwork material are lower than panels made from steel or aluminium. Timber is also easy to replace at the end of its life.

Timber formwork is heavier and needs to be constructed on-site. It can be moulded in unique shapes, especially if plywood is used—including curves and architecturally challenging features.
timber formwork — Airodeck Panels in Sunshine Coast, QLD

system column formwork — Airodeck Panels in Sunshine Coast, QLD

System Column

This type of formwork, as the name would suggest, is ideal for column construction. The panels are modular in nature, which allows for quick assembly.

System column panels decreases the need for crane work, which results in less labour and lower associated costs. Overall, this type of formwork aims to increase speed and efficiency on a worksite.


Alshor Plus

These panels are made from a lightweight aluminium, perfect for transport. Often used in conjunction with Airodeck Panels, these panels are used for extra support when constructing large open areas.

Featuring a single-action leg connection, Alshor Plus has a simple erection process. It's also easier to release once the concrete is set due to the load-release mechanism.
alshor plus formwork — Airodeck Panels in Sunshine Coast, QLD

airodeck panel formwork — Airodeck Panels in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Airodeck Panels

Airodeck Panels are ideal for producing high volumes of slab concrete. Lightweight and with a simple assembly process, one worker is able to erect multiple panels in a short amount of time compared to other formwork systems.

The aim is to reduce construction time and labour costs on straightforward construction jobs. It chiefly only produces plain concrete slabs, making it ideal for mass production projects such as high-rises.